Grinding ball production line

Productgrinding balls production line

Appliedit is used for producing grinding balls.Fully automatic.

Production process


(1)Alternating with live and non-live rollerwhich makes the whole line operate smoothly.It can run normally even lacking of mold

(2)Only 3-4 workers needed for the whole production line

(3)The molding line and pouring line run independently,which comes true the function of inter-supply.

(4)The fasted speed of pouring line 25″

(5)Four size ball mold can run at the same time

(6)Providing far distance service by wifi,when there is damage on the production line.The users can call our service center,then our company will solve the damage by website.Highly improving the quality of after-sales service.




Moulding upper and down mould at the same time

Pouring machine

two size grinding balls

grinding ball

grinding ball line mold